EHA can help test your parts whether they are production parts or R&D parts.  We can either test them for you or build a test stand for you to.

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EHA has many factors that make us doing your testing work for you:

  • Qualified hydraulic engineers
  • Knowledgeable service technicians
  • Close proximity to work area allows short interruptions and minimal costs
  • Machine shop


Independent unbiased testing
We have done a variety of testing

  • Drive line tests
  • Spray testing
  • Tractor cab controls testing
  • Vacuum seeder testing
  • Clutch tests
  • PTO testing
  • Cylinder stroking life cycle.
  • Cylinder leakage testing.
  • And many more….


Services typically performed:

  • We setup the test, hardware, software
  • Make sample test run collect data for customer verification
  • Monitor the test.  Visual walk through and quick review of test cycle, leaks, sound, and other factors by experienced hydraulic engineer and technicians.
  • On Call service (if required) for 24 x 7 non-stop cycling.
  • Deliverables typically consist of:
  • Test setup pictures
  • Schematic
  • test data on CDROM


What we are not (at this time):

  • We are not a material testing lab.  We have very limited expertise on metal failure analysis.
  • We cannot do performance testing prior to or post tests (efficiencies, high accuracy flows, etc).
  • We cannot control the ambient conditions beyond ventilation (no moisture, cooling, etc)


Our testing facility consists of:

  • 3) Test rooms
  • Ventilated, Temperature sensing
  • Computer interlock and shutdown capable
  • Closed-loop Water Glycol cooling system with three heat exchangers and can dump the load inside or outside based on temperature and ambient
  • 5000 Amps
  • Network with data monitoring/remote camera
  • Flow Meters, Pressure transducers, other instrumentation
  • Immersion tank
  • Power Unit 75 HP 46 GPM, 4000 PSI.
  • Dedicated air compressor
  • 2) pump test stands each with  
  • 200 HP electric motor – Fixed 1800 RPM
  • Gearbox – multiple gearsets for fixed speed setups.
  • Two primary pump circuits
  • Open or semi-closed pump suctions
  • Charge system for semi-closed suctions, currently configured for offline loops.
  • Two pump load manifolds with proportional relief, 2-way blocking valve, solenoid operated relief.
  • Two flow meters for main pump flow
  • Load sense directional valves
  • Pressure transducers on output, suction, case drain.
  • Temperature RTD’s on tank, case drain, gearbox.
  • 80 Gallon Reservoir
  • Two pressure filters
  • Offline/precharge filter
  • Labiew program and SCSI rack/PC
  • Softstart motor starters
  • Setup designed to run hot (200F)













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