Pump Test Stands


Pump test stands are designed to production test pumps for volumetric efficiency.  Test stands can be built for any type of pump and can be completely manual or have fully automatic testing.  Depending on the purpose and task time requirements they can have one operating station or two.
Dual head with each head operating independently from each other and with the following:
      Multiple load circuits and auxiliary circuit
      2400 RPM variable frequency drive for adjustable speed control
      Fully automatic air purge suction lines
      Flow meter
      Automatic clamping of test pump
      Easy to maintain filtration.

Fully automatic testing.  Test parameters driven from either local access database or remote database.
Zero potential energy operator hoods.  Hoods store fully up and back
Dual pane glass for clear viewing and low noise.
12/24 Volt DC connection for pump solenoid operation
Independent labview/PC based touchscreen operator interfaces.
Sealed industrial keyboards
Particle counter
Off-the shelf components used wherever possible.
Offline loop with 1 micron single pass filtration
Pilot pump
Variable speed cooling fans
Built in oil transfer pump
Test results stored on hard disk and/or an Oracle database
Temperature controlled oil reservoir


















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General Purpose Test Stands


General purpose test stands are designed to test any hydraulic component or system.  They are designed to be flexible to test valves, pumps, motors, and other components.  EHA can design a system to meet your every need.
General Specifications:
      Front panel with components placed next to schematic symbol of part.
      Pressure compensated with load sense
      Electronic flow meter
      Pressure transducer with digital display
      Sump system with float switches and over-full switch.
      Sump Auto/Off/On switch
      Adjustable flow
      Adjustable pressure
      Quick action ON/OFF valve with safety relief.
      Emergency Stop valve with provision for remote stop
      Warning light with text display of warning or fault including
                Dirty pressure filter
                Dirty sump return filter
                Dirty offline loop filter
                Dirty main return filter
                Low fluid level
                Shutdown fluid level
                High temperature warning
                High temperature shutdown
                Sump over fill
      Start/Stop pushbutton with “Running” pilot light
      Offline loop with air-to-oil heat exchanger
      Offline loop Auto/Off/On switch
      Pressure filter
      Return filter
      Sump filter
      Offline loop filter
      Heat exchanger temperature switch
      Extruded aluminum framework with access panels on all sides.
      Sound damping material on framework walls.
      Non-slip work surface with pan and drain to sump.
      Pressure, return, and load sense quick-disconnects
      Drip pan with fork truck tubes.


















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Cylinder Test Stands


EHA is capable of producing a variety of custom cylinder test stands that run the range from completely manual systems to automated testing.  Cylinder test stands can have many features built into them including:
                Manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic testing.  
                Internal/external leakage detection systems
                Air purge cycles at low pressure
                Cycle testing
                Air retract/oil purge
                Oil cleanliness particle counters
                Single or dual head systems.






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Impulse Test Stands


Impulse testing cycles the pressure in a unit under test (UUT) at a high rate from low to high pressure.  The faster the cycle rate the quicker your products go to market.  EHA has built impulse testers to go up to 11,000 PSI.  Impulse testing is setup and controlled from a custom labview operator interface to control the pressure level, rate, and number of cycles.  Waveforms can be seen in realtime and over the network.  Unit under test failures are bound to happen and can be detected and the resulting vapors dealt with by the option  vapor removal system.







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Burst Pressure Test Stands


Burst Pressure Test Stands are designed to hydrostatically test for failure at a given pressure.  Custom labview program automatically detects a failed part and aborts the test.  Units to 80,000 PSI and high can be provided with option vapor removal systems.




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PVC Pipe Test Stands


PVC pipe test stand uses high pressure water to test PCV pipe at pressures up to 4000 PSI.  We can provide test fixtures as well.





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Valve Test Stands


Designed to supply variable flow and pressure to test mobile or industrial valves for functionality.  Self-contained unit provides the following features:
      Variable flow
      Variable pressure
      Flow meters
      Pressure gauges or transducers
      Work surface with drain
      Sound reduction walls
      Industrial mounting manifolds








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Production Test Stands


No matter what your production part is EHA can design a system to help test it.  From custom labview programs, special test fixtures and connections, to just providing a flow/pressure source EHA can help you provide a quality component to your customers.





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