A hydraulic smart cylinder can control both position and the amount of force that it provides.  A smart cylinder is a specially constructed linear positioning device that has a feedback device, a servo or proportional valve, closed-loop electronics, and optionally a force feedback device such as pressure transducers or a load cell.  Smart cylinders are typically a 2” or larger cylinder with a gun drilled rod and feedback device mounted on the cap end.  Depending on the performance requirements the valve can be mounted on the cylinder and can also have accumulators nearby on the pressure and return lines.  Positioning accuracies depend upon the natural frequency of the complete system that the cylinder is attached to but .005" is common and even tighter can be obtained.

Electronic synchronization between tow or more axis can be achieved using smart cylinders to eliminate mechanical flow dividers for greater accuracy with varying loads between the cylinders.





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Smart cylinders are controlled via special hydraulic positioning electronics that optimized to control hydraulic axis and can be intregrated into a mixed electrical and hydraulic control systems. The electronic controller of choice for EHA is the Delta Motion Controls line of controls that have a broad range of communication methods to integrate into a PLC control system.  The Delta Motion Controls RMC product is easy to implement and even can assist in the tuning of the closed-loop system.  The controller can be given commands from the PLC or operating independently depending on the system complexity and the software is available for free.



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