Helping our customers maintain their equipment is an important part of offering a total fluid power solution. We have and extensive staff committed exclusively to in-house repair and on-site service for hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic components and systems.


Reliable and Cost Effective Repairs You Can Count On

When the time comes that you have cylinder failure, the decision must be made whether to buy new or repair.  The benefits of repairing include much shorter lead times, a significant cost savings over new cylinders and in many cases the ability to identify the cause(s) of the failure.


Short Turnaround Time

We offer quick turnaround on cylinder repair as well as emergency repair service.  This is possible by maintaining a large inventory of chrome plated rod and honed tube, in both standard and metric sizes.  We stock a wide selection of raw materials to machine most other cylinder parts that may need replacement.  We have a fully equipped repair shop with the necessary equipment for repairing cylinders of all sizes.  The in-house machining capabilities are made of multiple machining centers and the experienced personnel who have been handling rebuilding from a wide range of industries for many years. They are qualified to rebuild your cylinder to a "better than new" condition.


Save by Repair

We understand that breakdowns can occur at any time and when they do you are robbed of your valuable production time and profit.  Repairing a cylinder can save you approximately 40-50% the cost of new.  Although, a large portion of the savings comes as a direct result of using many of the existing parts in the repair process, this will not compromise the quality or performance of a repaired cylinder


Save With Investigative Information

Cylinders sent in for repair receive a thorough inspection at the start of the repair process.  During this phase, the technicians check for any stress that may have been placed on the unit from excessive side loads, improper mounting, fluid contamination or defective seals.  The inspection enables the technicians to determine the possible cause(s) of the failure.  The information gathered during our inspection may help you to make adjustments and correct issues with your related equipment to extend the life of your cylinders.

Simply purchasing new cylinders may not address the specific issues that may lead to repeat failure of the new product.


Turning Cylinder Failure Into Real Value

An important part of our quality control process is testing every cylinder we repair.  With our testing standards, your cylinders will be ready for immediate use when it leaves our facility.

At EHA, we take great pride in our ability to return every piece of equipment we rebuild to it's original specifications or better.  With all of this we are able to provide you with the best repair service with fast turnaround and savings.

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