Pump test stands are designed to production test pumps for volumetric efficiency.  Test stands can be built for any type of pump and can be completely manual or have fully automatic testing.  Depending on the purpose and takt time requirements they can have one operating station or two.
Dual head with each head operating independently from each other and with the following:
      Multiple load circuits and auxiliary circuit
      2400 RPM variable frequency drive for adjustable speed control
      Fully automatic air purge suction lines
      Flow meter
      Automatic clamping of test pump
      Easy to maintain filtration.

Fully automatic testing.  Test parameters driven from either local access database or remote database.
Zero potential energy operator hoods.  Hoods store fully up and back
Dual pane glass for clear viewing and low noise.
12/24 Volt DC connection for pump solenoid operation
Independent labview/PC based touchscreen operator interfaces.
Sealed industrial keyboards
Particle counter
Off-the shelf components used wherever possible.
Offline loop with 1 micron single pass filtration
Pilot pump
Variable speed cooling fans
Built in oil transfer pump
Test results stored on hard disk and/or an Oracle database
Temperature controlled oil reservoir


















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