Power Units

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Electro-Hydraulic Automation can provide:

  • Standard Pre-engineered fixed and pressure compensated power units
  • Custom Power units
  • Complete systems from actuators to electronic controls
  • 5 gallon to 500 gallon

Depending on customer preference, components from most of the different major fluid power manufacturers can be used.

Experienced engineering staff provides quick design turnaround and complete documentation.

From one unit to one hundred units, we can quickly deliver high quality, long life systems that will power your hydraulic machines for years to come.





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Helping our customers maintain their equipment is an important part of offering a total fluid power solution. We have an extensive staff committed exclusively to in-house repair and on-site service of hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic components and systems.

  • Factory Authorized Repair
  • Total System Approach
  • In-House Machining
  • Service Contracts




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The Service Department consists of Service Engineers, Service Specialists and  Service technicians each with the skill set to meet the customer's specific need.  Our service personnel will help the customer diagnose problems in person on site as needed.  Our service department travels all over the country solving customers hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical control issues.

Some of the services EHA's Service Department can provide:

  • Routine preventive maintenance
  • Take oil samples and oil analysis
  • System flushing, both new and existing systems
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic and controls trouble shooting
  • Cylinder, pump, motor and valve removal and installation
  • Accumulator testing and charging
  • On site tubing and piping
  • Break down assistance 24/7
  • Add units to help clean and/or cool hydraulic systems




Accumulator and Gas Bottle Racks


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Accumulator racks tie individual accumulators with individual shutoffs to a common header, common gas connection, and optional automatic bleed down function.  Accumulator racks can be made of bladder or piston type accumulators.  Typical accumulator volumes range from 5 to 30 gallons per accumulator and racks can range in size from one to 12 accumulators per rack but multiple racks can be combined to form larger systems.  Additional options include: Gauges, pressure transducers with or without displays, stackable connections to combine multiple accumulator racks, piston position transducers can also be provided. Gas bottle racks tie individual gas bottles together to form a large bank of backup gas volume to a bank of accumulators.  Each gas bottle can have a separate shutoff.  Gas bottle racks typically have between and one to 12 bottles and can have the following options: gauges, pressure transducers with or without display, thermal exhaust relief.




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From the actuators up, EHA can design and build a complete system for your production equipment or special purpose test machines. Whether you supply the tooling and fixturing, or if we design to your specifications, our automation experience will help you to minimize cost and get your new system up and running quickly.


Custom Cylinders

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EHA can custom build all types of cylinders.  We can custom design cylinders for all sort of applications that require some specialization.  Smart cylinders, stainless steel cylinders,  special ports, water jacketed or water cooled cylinders, and many more applications.  We are not a high volume cylinder builder as we specialize in solving unique solutions.



Custom Manufacturing

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At EHA, we know it is important for your equipment to be running at peak efficiency as soon as possible. That's why we offer in-house machining and manufacturing capabilities to fabricate parts and minimize your down time. We maintain a complete machine shop with piston rod and cylinder tube materials already in-house, so machining a particular part for your equipment takes as little time as possible.




Filter Carts / Offline Loop

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The commonly held belief is that 80 percent of all hydraulic failures are due to  contaminated oil.  Oil delivered by drum, bulk truck, bucket and pail contains millions of particles too small to see but large enough to cause harm to your hydraulic systems.   A filter cart should be used to transfer the oil from the source to your reservoir.



Hydraulic Manifolds

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From single function to complex function blocks, incorporating anything from check valves to servo valves, a custom manifold from EHA is the best solution for you.



Bearing Lube / Cooling System

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EHA can design and build a custom lube system based upon your criteria. Lube systems provide lubrication to bearing.



Panel Shop

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EHA provides one source responsibility by supplying a complete electrical system from the operator interface to the actuators. We can design, program and install a complete electronic control system for your industrial or mobile application.
PLC's, industrial PC's, data acquisition and embedded-controllers can be integrated into the machine control.

EHA panels are added protection from the elements for a wide variety of pneumatic systems as well as electrical controls


Pneumatic Assemblies

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Whether you need a simple "Pick-and-Place" system, or a machine which combines electrical, electronic, and fluid power technologies, EHA can provide you with a system that takes advantage of the best of what current technology offers.
High speed, pneumatic servo circuits accurately control speed, force and distance and EHA can tailor make a pneumatic system to complete your most difficult tasks.





Test Stands 

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  • Pump Test Stands
  • General Purpose Test Stands
  • Cylinder Test Stands
  • Impulse Test Stands
  • Burst Pressure Test Stands
  • PVC Pipe Test Stands
  • Valve Test Stands
  • Production Test Stands





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