EHA can design and build a custom lube system based upon your criteria. Lube systems provide lubrication to bearing.

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Process Cooling System


Process cooling systems provide cooling fluid to a process function.  Typically multiple pumps are used to prevent a single failure from shutting down the system.



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Bearing Lube / Cooling System


Bearing lubrication and cooling skids provide a source of cool clean oil to remove heat from bearings.  This extends the life of the system and prevents cost breakdowns.  Lube systems typically have the following:
                Lube pump and optional backup lube pump
                Heat exchanger
                Gravity return ports
                Low and kill Level switches
                High and kill temperature switches
                Output pressure switch and gauge





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Turbine Lube System


Turbine lube systems typically provide a reservoir the lube and cooling oil for a turbine based pump.  An electrical emergency backup pump provides pre-startup lube flow and backup flow in the case of a main turbine pump failure.  Turbine lube systems typically have the following features but EHA can build based upon your needs:
                Lube Reservoir
                Electrical Backup and pre-start pump
                Low & High pressure switches
                Dual Lube filtration  with dirty filter indicators
                Pressure gauges before and after main filtration
                High Temperature switch and gauge
                Water-to-Oil heat exchanger with water saving and temperature regulation valve
                Lube temperature gauges before and after heat exchanger
                Oil sample port
                Fluid Level indicator
                Turbine Pressure regulator
                Turbine suction and gravity return ports








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