General purpose test stands are designed to test any hydraulic component or system.  They are designed to be flexible to test valves, pumps, motors, and other components.  EHA can design a system to meet your every need.
General Specifications:
      Front panel with components placed next to schematic symbol of part.
      Pressure compensated with load sense
      Electronic flow meter
      Pressure transducer with digital display
      Sump system with float switches and over-full switch.
      Sump Auto/Off/On switch
      Adjustable flow
      Adjustable pressure
      Quick action ON/OFF valve with safety relief.
      Emergency Stop valve with provision for remote stop
      Warning light with text display of warning or fault including
                Dirty pressure filter
                Dirty sump return filter
                Dirty offline loop filter
                Dirty main return filter
                Low fluid level
                Shutdown fluid level
                High temperature warning
                High temperature shutdown
                Sump over fill
      Start/Stop pushbutton with “Running” pilot light
      Offline loop with air-to-oil heat exchanger
      Offline loop Auto/Off/On switch
      Pressure filter
      Return filter
      Sump filter
      Offline loop filter
      Heat exchanger temperature switch
      Extruded aluminum framework with access panels on all sides.
      Sound damping material on framework walls.
      Non-slip work surface with pan and drain to sump.
      Pressure, return, and load sense quick-disconnects
      Drip pan with fork truck tubes.


















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