This cart is used to artificially load the hydraulic system in order to test the run time on the battery of a hybrid unit the customer would produce. Specifically, the motor of the pump is driven by the battery.

The cart consists of a self-contained, mobile, two-wheeled hydraulic load test cart with a fan-cooled heat exchanger, 120VAC power cord, electro-proportional relief valve (Sun RBAP XAN with a 790-2c24V coil), and an embedded proportional IR amplifier.

The procedure of use is as follows:

  1. Customer rolls the cart up to the equipment to be tested.
  2. Customer connects inlet and outlet hydraulic hoses and plugs them in.
  3. The customer's equipment pumps oil into the test cart and the load is created with the proportional pressure valve creating both pressure and heat.

The operator controls the load and heat exchanger fan by the use of a potentiometer and switch. All the controls are conveniently mounted on the cart along with gauges and safety features to protect the heat exchanger from over pressurization.

Hydraulic load test cart