EHA Cost Effect Fluid Power Repairs

When the time comes and you experience cylinder failure, the decision must be made whether to buy new or repair. The benefits of repairing include:

  1. Shorter lead times
  2. Significant cost savings over new cylinders
  3. The ability to identify the cause of failure

Short Turnaround Time
EHA offers quick turnaround on cylinder repair as well as emergency repair service. We understand that breakdowns can occur at any time and when they do you are robbed of your valuable production time and profit. Our in-house machining capabilities are made up of multiple machining centers with experienced technicians They are qualified to rebuild your cylinder to a “better than new” condition. We have a fully equipped repair center with the necessary equipment for repairing cylinders of all sizes wide range of industries.

Save by Repair
Repairing a cylinder can save you approximately 40-50% the cost of new. Although a large portion of the savings comes as a direct result of using many of the existing parts in the repair process, this will not compromise the quality or performance of a repaired cylinder. We test every cylinder we repair. Our testing standards will assure you that your cylinder will be ready for immediate use when it leaves our facility.

Save With Investigative Information
Cylinders sent in for repair receive a thorough inspection at the start of the repair process. During this phase, our technicians check for any stress that may have been placed on the unit from excessive side loads, improper mounting, fluid contamination or defective seals. The information gathered during our inspection may help you adjust and correct issues with your related equipment to extend the life of your cylinders. Simply purchasing new cylinders may not address the specific issues that may lead to repeat failure of the new product.


EHA designed and shipped hydraulic power units and controls for gates & chutes Silos in Northern MinnesotaNew system operates the Gates & Chutes on two Ore Silos

IFP North quoted, sold, designed and programed this equipment while EHA built the components and installed them on site. The silos, located in the Iron Range of Northern Minnesota were originally built in the 50's. The job consisted of removing two old power units, controls and plumbing.

We then replaced the original components with new power units, accumulators, heat exchangers, proportional valves, joy sticks, HMI’s and all new plumbing. The dual systems operate the gates and chutes on two silos that fill train cars at the iron mine. Each silo has two sets of gates and chutes.  As the train travels under the silos the chutes and gates are opened and closed by operators in order to fill rail cars with iron ore. Each silo is capable of filling 3-4 cars per minute.    

power units, accumulators, heat exchangers, proportional valves, joy sticks and new plumbingpower unit controls for a custom EHA project in the Iron Range of northern Minnesotalarge mining equipment controlled by hydraulic systems for mobile processing Large mining equipment used in the process of mining iron ore with the help of EHA hydraulic equipment

Controlling how the world moves involves solutions for complete motion control for the mobile markets

Mobile systems have come a long way in the past few years. Customers and operators are demanding better control, situational awareness and information, self-diagnostics, automation, fleet management and safer, more reliable machines. To accomplish these goals, reduce assembly labor and cost, mobile equipment builders are turning to mobile controllers a d bus-based systems. These systems can be complex and confusing.

EHA as a team of Engineers with experience in controls, hydraulics, bus systems, programming, system design, testing, field service and safety to work with you to make your project a success. With over 2 decades of experience are cross-functional teams work closely with our customers to:

  • Design complete sub-systems and develop written specifications.
  • Select components
  • Help manage project details and develop software and wiring documentation for our customer's machinery.

For an overview of our various component options visit our brochure: Controlling how the world moves.

Popular components include:

  • Controllers
  • Joysticks/Handles
  • Buttons
  • Radio Remotes
  • Displays
  • Sensors
  • Cameras/Fleet Tracking
  • Cables & Misc.

As little or as much ad you need

Need complete system or just components?
Tired of proprietary or limited systems?
No programmers?
No time?
Need help with hydraulic or system design?
Concerned about safety requirements?

EHA Mobile Market capabilities and experience with CAN bus systems, HMI's Mobile hydraulics and machines plus softweare and program development


FasTest adds IFP’s South and West Divisions to Cover Seven Additional States

Minneapolis, MN—April 19, 2017—FasTest, Inc. broadens their partnership with distribution partner, Innovative Fluid Power to expand distribution coverage throughout the south and plains states. IFP’s West and South divisions will join IFP North and Iowa Fluid Power as FasTest distribution partners and combine to cover thirteen states throughout the Midwest.

Innovative Fluid Power will partner with FasTest to promote the FasTest brands throughout the manufacturing industries in the Midwest, and provide technical support to previously under-served customers. IFP will specifically focus on FasTest’s product lines for the Fluid Power Industry, a market they have served for over 40 years. “We believe that partnering with a trusted company in Innovative Fluid Power will allow FasTest to quickly introduce our line of established manufacturing connectors, specifically those suited for the Fluid Power and Mobile Hydraulics industries, to previously under-served customers,” said Josh Beckfeld, Sales Manager of FasTest’s South region.

Over the last year, FasTest has made significant progress in the Fluid Power industry, introducing two new product extensions to the HPB Series and TwistMate Series product families. These new FasTest products are specifically designed to mate to 37° JIC and O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS) fittings for testing of hydraulic hose assemblies, motors, pumps, control valves, manifolds, cylinders, pipe and tubing, actuators, heaters and other hydraulic test ports.

About FasTest, Inc.

Since 1985, FasTest, Inc. has manufactured quick test connectors and valves that maximize efficiency, productivity and profitability for the automotive, calibration, medical, industrial manufacturing, HVAC-R and Fluid Power industries.

Relying on core engineering skills, FasTest has secured over 50 US and International patents that serve as the design platform for innovative products that enable their customers to improve testing, manufacturing process and productivity. FasTest also offers custom connectors are for unique requirements.

EHA replaced all the existing hydraulic valve system and manifolds in a Feed Mill with
new explosion proof valves and custom manifolds. These valves are used to
operate the augers that feed material to the scales prior to mixing the final

EHA scheduled the project with an electrical company to install the valves over
three weekends so as not to interrupt the customer's operation. EHA installed one
bank of valves on each Saturday while the electricians came in to finish the wiring
on Sunday.

Every Feed Mill or Coop should be using explosion proof valving for
both their hydraulic and pneumatic applications. In this case Dynex valves were

EHA recently installed new explosion proof valving in Feed Mill


EHA completed field testing on a prototype mobile controls package for added Hi-Rail functions on a Caterpillar 320E excavator. The package consists of a Hydac 7" display with touch screen and GPS/GSM option, two Hydac 48X expansion I/O modules, an OEM Controls CAN joystick and an EHA built proportional dual air pressure regulator enclosure with Norgren, Hydac and Aventics components. One of the Hydac 48X I/O modules is incorporated into an enclosure with external relays, fuses and Deutsch plugs for customer connections.

The electrical assembly and harnesses are completely functionally tested at EHA prior to shipping to the customer.
The operator interface on the display consists of four easy to navigate screens that display air brake control pressures, system status with faults and GPS location and speed. Two of the screens provide the operator with onscreen buttons that operate machine functions that have historically been controlled with toggle switches. The ability to include these controls on the display and embed them into the controller logic, eliminated the need for mechanical interlocks on certain functions or required complex relay logic.

Provisions are being taken for the harnesses and display program for inputs from two Convoy Technologies video cameras eliminating the dedicated video monitor.

Mobile controller package for High Rail CAT 320E excavator.

Convoy Technologies video cameras



This cart is used to artificially load the hydraulic system in order to test the run time on the battery of a hybrid unit the customer would produce. Specifically, the motor of the pump is driven by the battery.

The cart consists of a self-contained, mobile, two-wheeled hydraulic load test cart with a fan-cooled heat exchanger, 120VAC power cord, electro-proportional relief valve (Sun RBAP XAN with a 790-2c24V coil), and an embedded proportional IR amplifier.

The procedure of use is as follows:

  1. Customer rolls the cart up to the equipment to be tested.
  2. Customer connects inlet and outlet hydraulic hoses and plugs them in.
  3. The customer's equipment pumps oil into the test cart and the load is created with the proportional pressure valve creating both pressure and heat.

The operator controls the load and heat exchanger fan by the use of a potentiometer and switch. All the controls are conveniently mounted on the cart along with gauges and safety features to protect the heat exchanger from over pressurization.

Hydraulic load test cart