Accumulator Racks

Accumulator racks tie individual accumulators with individual shutoffs to a common header, common gas connection, and optional automatic bleed down function.  Accumulator racks can be made of bladder or piston type accumulators.  Typical accumulator volumes range from 5 to 30 gallons per accumulator and racks can range in size from one to 12 accumulators per rack but multiple racks can be combined to form larger systems.  Additional options include: Gauges, pressure transducers with or without displays, stackable connections to combine multiple accumulator racks, piston position transducers can also be provided.


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Gas Bottle Racks

Gas bottle racks tie individual gas bottles together to form a large bank of backup gas volume to a bank of accumulators.  Each gas bottle can have a separate shutoff.  Gas bottle racks typically have between and one to 12 bottles and can have the following options: gauges, pressure transducers with or without display, thermal exhaust relief.








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Hydraulic Accumulator Modules for Testing Systems

Hydraulic Accumulator modules consist of an pressure accumulator, return accumulator, pressure filter, pilot filter, enable circuit, system relief.  They are intended to be placed near the usage site when a hydraulic system is mounted in a remote location.  They provide surge flow and pressure support to testing systems.


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