EHA designed and shipped hydraulic power units and controls for gates & chutes Silos in Northern MinnesotaNew system operates the Gates & Chutes on two Ore Silos

IFP North quoted, sold, designed and programed this equipment while EHA built the components and installed them on site. The silos, located in the Iron Range of Northern Minnesota were originally built in the 50's. The job consisted of removing two old power units, controls and plumbing.

We then replaced the original components with new power units, accumulators, heat exchangers, proportional valves, joy sticks, HMI’s and all new plumbing. The dual systems operate the gates and chutes on two silos that fill train cars at the iron mine. Each silo has two sets of gates and chutes.  As the train travels under the silos the chutes and gates are opened and closed by operators in order to fill rail cars with iron ore. Each silo is capable of filling 3-4 cars per minute.    

power units, accumulators, heat exchangers, proportional valves, joy sticks and new plumbingpower unit controls for a custom EHA project in the Iron Range of northern Minnesotalarge mining equipment controlled by hydraulic systems for mobile processing Large mining equipment used in the process of mining iron ore with the help of EHA hydraulic equipment