EHA replaced all the existing hydraulic valve system and manifolds in a Feed Mill with
new explosion proof valves and custom manifolds. These valves are used to
operate the augers that feed material to the scales prior to mixing the final

EHA scheduled the project with an electrical company to install the valves over
three weekends so as not to interrupt the customer's operation. EHA installed one
bank of valves on each Saturday while the electricians came in to finish the wiring
on Sunday.

EHA completed field testing on a prototype mobile controls package for added Hi-Rail functions on a Caterpillar 320E excavator. The package consists of a Hydac 7" display with touch screen and GPS/GSM option, two Hydac 48X expansion I/O modules, an OEM Controls CAN joystick and an EHA built proportional dual air pressure regulator enclosure with Norgren, Hydac and Aventics components. One of the Hydac 48X I/O modules is incorporated into an enclosure with external relays, fuses and Deutsch plugs for customer connections.

This cart is used to artificially load the hydraulic system in order to test the run time on the battery of a hybrid unit the customer would produce. Specifically, the motor of the pump is driven by the battery.

The cart consists of a self-contained, mobile, two-wheeled hydraulic load test cart with a fan-cooled heat exchanger, 120VAC power cord, electro-proportional relief valve (Sun RBAP XAN with a 790-2c24V coil), and an embedded proportional IR amplifier.

The procedure of use is as follows: